Sorry Folks Range Rover Sport 2016 Give Away is a Facebook Scam

Sorry Folks No Range Rovers being Given away—Stay Away from Free Range Rover Competition on Facebook

The Facebook page of Free Range Rover is fake and definitely not offering Range Rovers. It is just a scam that is currently circulating on the social network and promises of giving away two Range Rovers only by liking the page, sharing the post and commenting about the prize on the post. You also need to sign up on the page for an SMS service.


The scam has been designed to deceive you into spamming your friends on the social network with bogus fake prize post and subscribing to a fake SMS competition service. This service charges several dollars for a single message that is sent to you. So, you might find yourself in hot waters if you get subscribed to this service.

The page although claims that this is a one-of-its-kind competition in the history of Facebook as they are giving away Range Rovers. The winners will be announced publicly, the page claims. In reality, this is a fake page and the only purpose of creating such a scheme was to trick people into registering to the highly expensive SMS service.

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This page is just an advanced version of the long-running ‘Range Rover giveaway’ scam because similar scams were identified on Facebook in 2014 and 2015.

Users are asked to comment on their preferred color of the Range Rover. People naturally would feel drawn towards the competition as it is so simple and easy.

After clicking on “sign up” button, the victims will be taken to a Facebook like website featuring offers to be claimed within a given time frame to enhance the chances of winning. There will be a timer provided to inform the victim about the remaining time and seconds in the expiration of the offer.

Whichever offer is clicked, the victim will be taken to another bogus page that also offers to enhance the chances of winning by providing a personal mobile number. It will be described that once you enter the number, you will automatically subscribe to an SMS competition service. Every message sent by this service will charge you $5. You can expect to receive various messages per week until you manually unsubscribe.

But even if you claim all the offers, you won’t become eligible for the Range Rovers simply because it is a scam and an imaginary competition. Instead, only the scammers will be earning commissions.

Here is a list of Facebook pages scamming people in the name of giving away Range Rovers:

Range Rover Sport 2016

Range Rover Sport 2016

Range Rover Sport 2016

Range Rover 2016.

Range Rover Sport 2016 Giveaway

Win a 2016 Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Club

You can click here to see results for Range Rover scams on Facebook.

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