Malware Authors Rename Ransomware After Emsisoft’ Security Researcher

His name is Fabian Wosar and he is a Ransomware Decrypter from Emsisoft, known for being an expert in his job. However, Wosar is in the news for all the wrong reasons nowadays because Apocalypse malware developers are trying to sabotage the security researcher’s reputation. Reportedly, the developers of a series of ransomware called Apocalypse have retitled the name of this ransomware after Wosar and thus, they now call it Fabiansomware.

Ransomware can be easily counted as the most widely distributed type of malware currently on the internet. It is an immensely widespread cyber-crime and every other day we hear about another new version and variant of this malware family.

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Emsisoft Malware Lab one of those security firms that have managed to curb this growing ransomware epidemic by releasing various free ransomware decrypter tools. Ransomware and its developers are the key targets of such firms and naturally, these firms and the security researchers that perform the job of decrypting malicious codes are the main enemies of malware developers.

As far as the case of Fabiansomware is concerned, the Apocalypse malware writers have utilized RDP brute-forcing like Smrss32, Bucbi but the malware wasn’t as well-coded as its creators believed it to be. This flaw was used by Fabian to develop a free decrypter for nearly all the versions of Apocalypse ransomware.

This was what upset the ransomware creators and they came up with the strategy to abuse the name of the ransomware decrypter by using it in all of their ransom notes, creating an email ID as well that reads: [email protected] for making payment requests apart from renaming the malware after Fabian.

Apocalypse’s crush on the head of our lab has become so out of control that in their newest variant, the contact email has been listed as [email protected] Essentially, their idea is to try to blame him for the most recent strain. It has been working to some degree as can be seen in this sprightly conversation between Fabian and a very unhappy victim, says Emisoft.

Fabian is a popular ransomware decrypter who also offers online advice and shares ransomware decrypter tools as well. Identifying and subsiding new threats, development of advanced protection techniques to ensure maximum security of users online and protect users from malware threats is amongst the main hobbies of Fabian.

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Emsisoft is not a bit concerned about the ongoing insults directed towards its security researcher by the malware writers and the firm states that it is focusing on the job, which is to decrypt malicious malware. According to Emsisoft, it would just take its security researchers an hour or two to decrypt the new variant of Apocalypse ransomware. On the other hand, cyber-criminals are trying every trick and tactic in their kitty to stay ahead of Emsisoft’s security researchers and other malware hunters.

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