Reality of India page banned by Government of India

We often hear how India is emerging as a “power” in the 3rd world with all its information technology revolution and for the “freedom” of expression, but after analyzing the whole Indian infrastructure, the reality is far from the truth, as recently the Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India(TRAI) has blocked a facebook page by the name of The Reality of India, just like many other pages run from Kashmir, for Freedom Of Kashmir like Aalaw and Frontline Kashmir.

While the page is now blocked in India, the Indian “hackers” are claiming that they have hacked the page but according to the admin of The Reality of India page:

”Dear Members,
Few hours ago indian government has banned The Reality of india Facebook page in India. Although it is visible to rest of the world but indians and oppressed people living in india are now unable to see the Truth & Reality – This is called Freedom of Expression in Largest DemonCrazy known as india to you.
This page might be closed in next 72 hours and in next post I will mention the new page link for you.”
The Reality of India page is famous for exposing the corruption of Indian politicians and how does it effects the nation of India as a whole.

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