A reason for the season: Reason antivirus offers 70% off to keep you safe during holiday shopping rush

The winter holidays are just around the corner. It’s that time of the year again when computers and other devices are busy with all the online shopping hype.
A Reason for the Season: Reason Antivirus Offers 70% Off to Keep You Safe During the Holiday Shopping Rush.

The winter holidays are just around the corner. It’s that time of the year again when computers and other devices are busy with all the online shopping hype. Shoppers are anticipating Boxing Day in Canada, Australia, and the UK, and Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales in the United States.

There’s a multitude of Christmas and winter holiday sales around the world, even in predominantly non-Christian countries. Even before December, stores offer holiday promos left and right. The 11-11 sales in many Asian countries, for example, are a massive hit among consumers.

Unfortunately, the holiday shopping season is not only an opportunity for consumers to find great deals on the items they’ve been itching to buy; cybercriminals are also looking forward to it. According to a report from security firm Carbon Black, global organizations faced a 57.5% rise in attempted cyberattacks during the 2017 holiday shopping season. Most of the attacks were through commodity malware, a type of malicious software spread through spear-phishing campaigns. This kind of attack has resulted in stolen customer records and credit card information of millions of customers.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to cyber security. Attacks don’t discriminate. They don’t only target wealthy customers or high-end stores. Even financially struggling, ordinary buyers and startup stores fall prey to cybercrime. Computer and Internet users need to have adequate protection as they visit websites, receive emails, make purchases, or download anything online.

One of the best options when it comes to addressing malware and other cyber threats is Reason Cybersecurity. It’s a powerful cyber protection solution that is also designed to ensure digital privacy. It has a compelling set of features and functions. Even better, customers can get it with a 70% holiday price slash.

What Is Reason Cybersecurity?

A Reason for the Season: Reason Antivirus Offers 70% Off to Keep You Safe During the Holiday Shopping Rush.

Reason Cybersecurity is a powerful protection software against viruses and other malware. It is touted as a next-generation antivirus that not only keeps computers safe, but also emphasizes privacy. Created by experienced cybersecurity experts, Reason Cybersecurity helps anyone browse the web, play, or share interesting things online with confidence.

The creators of Reason Cybersecurity are aware that cybercriminals never stop innovating to make their attacks more aggressive and successful. As such, they also improve their defense system in perpetuity. The team behind Reason tirelessly keeps abreast of the latest cyber threats to make sure that emerging tactics and more powerful attacks don’t succeed. Tech Times recognizes Reason’s privacy-focused protection as a fitting solution for modern-day computing. Additionally, BetaNews, describes this software as one of the select security solutions that provide webcam and microphone protection.

Reasons to Use Reason Cybersecurity

Three features make Reason’s solution stand out as an ideal solution for businesses as well as home computer users. These are its emphasis on privacy, advanced ability to detect and block ransomware, and ease of use. For the holiday season, it’s also worth mentioning that the product is being offered at a massive discount.

Privacy Protection

As mentioned, Reason has a notable privacy protection feature. It is not only good at detecting and preventing malicious software from infecting computers. It also sees to it that user privacy is not compromised, especially by hackers who want to hijack the cameras and microphones on devices.

Privacy attacks are often undertaken through spyware, keyloggers, and web activity trackers. These are already competently addressed by Reason Cybersecurity’s malware prevention and web safety features. The software’s constantly updated database of threat signatures makes it possible for new attacks to be identified and blocked effectively.

Similarly, the web browsing protection component (which is a browser add-on) regulates online activity monitoring and examines links to determine whether they are safe or potentially harmful. This helps users avoid anomalous web pages and downloading content from dubious sites.

The highlight privacy protection feature of Reason Cybersecurity is its ability to control camera and microphone access. It can block unknown apps from using the audio and video recording functions of devices or display alerts whenever unauthorized apps use the microphone and camera. This ensures that web cameras don’t take pictures or record videos without the user knowing. Likewise, it ensures that the built-in microphones of devices don’t become tools for eavesdropping.

Ransomware Defense and Prevention of Unwanted Software Installation

Another important feature is its special ransomware detection and prevention abilities. Ransomware is a distinct kind of threat. Its presence is not easily determined because it stealthily works in the background, almost leaving no noticeable trace while it encrypts the files of the infected computer. Ransomware only presents itself when it’s time to ask for the ransom.

The ransom is for the decryption of the unwittingly encrypted files. If you fail to pay the ransom, your encrypted files become useless. You can lose access to your precious pictures and videos or important project and business documents.

Reason has a regularly updated database to make sure the newest ransomware doesn’t make it to the hard drives of protected computers. Additionally, it prevents malicious software from getting deceptively or unwittingly installed on a computer, especially when downloading files from suspicious sites or when clicking on ads on pirate video streaming sites.

Ease of Use

Reason is also notable for being easy to use. Its minimalist interface displays all the buttons and tabs necessary for accessing the most important features in one page. There’s no need to click on multiple links or buttons to dig into the features or settings you need. Its interface is familiar so becoming accustomed to it should only take a matter of seconds.

A Reason for the Season: Reason Antivirus Offers 70% Off to Keep You Safe During the Holiday Shopping Rush.

More importantly, using this software is designed to be a “set and leave” affair. After installing it, you just have to go over some settings to configure them according to how you want them to behave, then you can just let the software work in the background. You may not even have to do any configuration as the default settings work well with most users.

Reason uses minimal CPU and memory resources so it is guaranteed to never become obtrusive. Resource usage may only spike up when handling major threats, particularly when quarantining and removing detected malware. Moreover, it updates its threat database automatically. You don’t have to manually ensure that you have the latest database. You will only be asked for updating permission when it’s time to update the entire software itself.

70% Discount Promo

Lastly, Reason is giving customers an irresistible offer to get a dependable malware and privacy protection system this holiday season. Reason is doing a massive 70% off Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

The regular one-year license cost of $59.99 falls to only $17.99. Two years will not cost you $119.99 but only $35.99. If you pay for three years’ worth of license, the price is only $53.99, which is lower than the price of a standard single year license.

In addition to the large discounts, Reason also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Reason Can Also Be Yours for Free

If you are not convinced that you have to spend on the security and privacy of your computer, that’s not an excuse not to use Reason. It has a free version called Reason Essential, which provides the basic anti-virus and anti-malware scan, real-time protection, and threat removal features.

This free version should be a good way to test the dependability of this security software. If you are convinced by its effectiveness and efficiency, it shouldn’t be difficult to decide to upgrade to Reason Premium, especially with the dangled 70% holiday price cut.

You can only get the full scope of Reason Cybersecurity’s expertise in the premium version, as it provides advanced ransomware defense, secure web browsing features, and unwanted software blocker component, tracking protection, and webcam and microphone protection.

A Reason for the Season: Reason Antivirus Offers 70% Off to Keep You Safe During the Holiday Shopping Rush.

Why Free Tools Are Not Enough

Some may argue that third-party security tools are no longer necessary as major operating systems already come with their own built-in antivirus or anti-malware tools. Tests have shown, however, that most built-in security systems are not that good at detecting and blocking threats or at distinguishing false positives. After all, software developers who specialize in cybersecurity are more knowledgeable and current about the latest cyber threats as compared to software engineers who focus on the reliability and functions of operating systems.

There are merits in using third-party security tools. Besides, they can operate alongside built-in security software. You just have to disable one of them if issues are encountered.


The holiday season thrills shoppers because of the usual store promotions. On the other hand, cybercriminals see the season as an opportune time to launch attacks as everyone tends to focus more on bargain hunting than minding their security and privacy. The nearing end of the year is never too late a time to invest in good malware and privacy protection. It’s a good time to consider Reason Cybersecurity’s privacy benefits, ransomware protection, ease of use, and huge discount.

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