Reason Security opens beta for business edition & cuts yearly subscription price

Privacy-oriented security solution Reason Security previously focused on personal security, offering a privacy-oriented antivirus solution to consumers.

Cybersecurity is a prime concern for all types of businesses nowadays. Unfortunately for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), enterprise-grade security often comes with a stiff price. As such, security providers are now rushing to offer solutions that are not only capable of dealing with these threats, but are also fitting to these SMBs’ size, budgets, and situations.

Privacy-oriented security solution Reason Security previously focused on personal security, offering a privacy-oriented antivirus solution to consumers. Now, the company looks to be the go-to security provider for SMBs by offering an affordable yet comprehensive subscription-based security suite that can protect these organizations from modern cybersecurity threats. Reason recently opened the beta for its Business edition. The company also announced discounts for yearly subscriptions to its service.

SMBs should start taking their security seriously. 58 percent of the victims of data breaches are smaller organizations. Such attacks can have grave consequences for these companies. The falling victim can damage reputations, breed customer distrust, and cause significant financial losses. Even a small company can spend more than $50,000 to recover from a security breach. Those that can’t absorb such costs due to their meager income may face closure for good.

To help businesses shore up their defenses, Reason Security has designed its business version specifically for SMB use. It offers essential anti-malware capabilities that include real-time protection and threat removal. Its scanning engine is powered by a database of millions of malware samples, allowing the solution to detect and remove malicious files and software effectively.

Among the common threats that plague SMBs are file-based attacks. Attackers disguise malware inside files and attachments to trick users into opening them. The incidences of document-based cyberattacks have been increasing in 2019. Malware is hidden in seemingly legitimate documents, which when opened by an employee can compromise the company’s data and network. These malicious files are difficult to detect or counter as more than 90 percent of them are accessed through channels that are used in day-to-day business operations such as email and the web.

Some of this malware is designed to steal information. Sensitive information can be exfiltrated and be used for the perpetrator’s preferred purpose. Considering how businesses now typically store customers’ financial information in their computers, hackers now consider them to be an ideal target due to weak security. Personal and payment information can fetch a profitable sum when sold in bulk on the dark web

By preventing malware from successfully executing on its protected endpoints, Reason can prevent such attacks from causing breaches or any further harm and damage to the network.

Besides, such malicious files can also contain ransomware. Ransomware can quickly spread throughout a network and will restrict a company’s access to its data unless a ransom is paid. This year, ransomware attacks have more than doubled. Reason’s business version will also offer protection from this malware. The solution blocks encryption attempts by rogue computing processes and prevents their execution. 

Reason also has webcam and microphone protection that can prevent remote access tools from accessing built-in devices and peripherals. 

One of the largest hurdles for SMBs when it comes to cybersecurity is cost. Unlike big corporations, SMBs do not have the same financial capability to cover all their bases. As a result, for the longest time, many SMBs have relied on free security solutions. Unfortunately, these tools are now unable to mitigate modern threats. 

As such, companies need to find a cost-effective solution that can cover the common attack vectors that pose the gravest threat to their operations. Through its business version, Reason looks to be this solution.

The reason has also announced discounts for its security services. Currently, at 50 percent off, users can avail themselves of a one-year subscription to Reason’s Premium offering, which also features real-time, ransomware, webcam, and microphone protection for only $30.

SMBs must seriously consider the security measures and capabilities that their chosen solutions offer. The availability of more affordable security solutions is a welcome development, especially when most SMBs are still ill-equipped to counter cybersecurity threats. Having effective security measures is in the interest of everyone as they can safeguard both the company’s and its clients’ private information and help avoid disruption of business due to cyberattacks. 

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