This Hacker Got Bored, Wanted Some Fun So He Defaced Several Subreddits

A hacker is taking over subreddits and exposing Reddit’s poor security!

Some hack for cause, some hack for money but @TehBVM on Twitter hacks for fun. Yes, this hacker has hacked and defaced several Reddit‘s subreddits just because he felt bored. He has been doing it for more than a week and the targeted subreddits include /r/Battlefield_One, /r/Battlefield, /r/Pics, /r/GameOfThrones, /r/StarWars, /r/Cars, /r/Gay, /r/HowToHack, /r/MarvelStudios, r/LosAngelesRams, /r/Autism, /r/OutOfTheLoop, /r/Robocraft and many more.

“Reddit’s security is shit,” says the hacker

The BVM hacker is not sure how many subreddits he has hacked until now but it may be more than 70. On his Twitter page bio, he’s providing his hacking services in cheap rates.

Need something hacked? Email for a cheap hacking service.

MotherBoard reports that the hacker is not willing to reveal his identity however he said he is a male and there is no serious reason for hacking these subreddits but for fun. He also revealed that by hacking into moderator accounts he’s changing the CSS style of the page and defacing them with a note in following words: 

Jacked by @TehBVM shoutout to @hackguyishacking @extradition_ @Doxillay @i_am_V0dka.”

Here are two screenshots from the defaced subreddits: 



So what’s going on?

It looks like the hacker is taking advantage of leaked data as a result of some data breach where people were using the same password for other services. Just like others, Reddit mods and admins may also be using the same password for their Reddit account and the hacker was lucky enough to get into their accounts using the leaked passwords. A topic on Reddit wondering what happened to /r/Pics subreddit is discussing the same issue.  

Here are some recent tweets from the hacker sharing his hacks or “jacks.”


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