A Reddit User Has Leaked Upcoming Episode 4 of ‘Game of Thrones’

The ‘Game of Thrones’ is one of the most popular HBO TV series ever with fans from almost every corner of the world. That’s why if it makes news, it goes viral instantly. But for the last week ‘Game of Thrones’ is in the news for all the wrong reasons since a hacker or a group of hackers claimed that they have hacked HBO and stole highly sensitive data including unreleased episodes of Game of Thrones and other TV series. 

The hackers uploaded the stolen data on their website for anyone to download before it was taken down. However, now, a Reddit user going by the handle of zmax87 has leaked Episode number 4 from Game of Thrones’s season 7 on Google Drive and vid.me, a video streaming website.

The episode was uploaded about an hour ago and since then it got 26,000 views. Here are two screenshots we grabbed from vid.me website:

image: Vid.me
image: Vid.me

The episode was supposed to air on HBO this coming Sunday, July 6th but it is now available for anyone to watch online. Those who have watched the leaked 52 minutes episode have confirmed that it’s legit but as expected it didn’t come with HD resolution.

Here is a screenshot of a conversation between users who have watched the episode:

It is unclear if the Reddit user who uploaded the episode is the real hacker or he got access to the episode from somewhere else. Nevertheless; it’s a massive blow to HBO network as other than the episode, hackers previously leaked financial and social media login details of the company’s Executive Vice President Legal Affairs Viviane Eisenberg.

At the time of publishing this article; the episode was available on Vid.me but removed from GoogleDrive due to the obvious violation of the service’s terms and conditions. 

Screenshot: GoogleDrive

This file was legitimate but it has been viewed/downloaded too many times from GoogleDrive. The only solution is to move the file to your GoogleDrive account and then you can watch/download it. (or find another source). The file has been taken down for violating GoogleDrive’s TOS. You can no longer view it, writes Cgmcnama, a Reddit user.

It’s unclear if hackers have got access to more unreleased HBO TV series. However, one thing is certain that the leak is very damaging for the media giant HBO. 

Note: Please don’t ask us for the video link 😉

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