RedHack Leaks Contact Details of US Embassy staff in Turkey

Turkish based RedHack hacktivist claims to leak personal information and contact details of US embassy’ staff in Turkey.


The dumped data shows names, emails and phone numbers belonging to US consulate in Turkey. The first in the list is Francis J. Ricciardone, Jr., the United States ambassador to Turkey, whose phone number, name and email has been mentioned. Than comes the Acting Assistant Secretary, Politics Officer, Economic Officer and Consultant on Politics etc.

While asking RedHack, why the US Embassy staff was targeted? They reply was:

  • To honor and in memory of Sinan Cemgil and to tell the US Gov one more time and their military “Go home Yankee.” ”Go home Yankee” was used by socialist back years ago to protest the military and politicians of US in Turkey. However, we this leak is not against the people of United States.

The dumped data is available here.

Earlier, RedHack also leaked 4,000 Turkcell numbers against providing Turkish ministers with new numbers and hacked against death of a Gezi protester.

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