Retweeting, sharing scandalous posts illegal under Cybercrime Law

Social media has now become a difficult place to survive, this came into light when one Filipino solicitor discussed a cyber crime law to one of the websites. But, before getting into it we want to warn all the people around the world to be really careful while sharing anything on social media websites as if you fall into some trap, you can be up for facing some serious uprisings from law enforcement agencies.

The Filipino solicitor threw light on one of the new laws on cyber crime which says, any one sharing or posting libelious posts on social media site is deemed to be carrying out an illegal act. However, there was nothing on liking the status, which also means an agreement to the post. We would continue on this debate, later on in the article, for now we will discuss the effects of this law and why it’s been brought along by code of law.

The law has brought has a number of concerns for the people around the world. The most popular one is the decline in the people’s freedom of speech. One of the key features of social media websites is to allow people to raise their voices in any matter of concern, which this law completely diminishes. All around the world, democracy is given special importance and any law or act against it isn’t given much preference.

In order to justify this law, the law-makers laid down it as an important law to curb the cyber crime of the world of internet as the law will make all the internet surfers vigilant and will thus result in only sensible sharing over the social media. If you look into recent history of cyber crime, there are number of crimes carried out just my spammy sharing over social media sites.

Although, no penalty has been amended in this law, but, would be soon if cyber crime could to incline at the rate it is now. Lastly, let’s find out why liking a picture isn’t deemed to illegal? Well, the reason provided for this is that liking a post means the person has provided its own opinion sharing it with others go other way. It’s an act by which the user is trying to promote the libelious post, which makes it an illegal act. I hope you got the law-maker’s point here.

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