REvil ransomware gang hits Apple supplier Quanta; warns of data leak

REvil ransomware gang claims to be negotiating with 3rd-parties to sell the alleged stolen data.

REvil ransomware gang claims to be negotiating with 3rd-parties to sell the alleged stolen data.

The infamous REvil ransomware gang (also known as Sodinokibi) is back in action and this time its alleged victim is Quanta Computer Inc., a Taiwan-based manufacturer of notebook computers and other electronic hardware.

In a post published by the REvil ransomware gang on its official website accessible through the Tor browser, the group is claiming to have stolen gigabytes of sensitive Quanta data.

The group also alleged that Quanta is aware of the breach and shows no interest in protecting it. Therefore, it (REvil ransomware gang) is negotiating with several third parties interested in buying the data which apparently contains sensitive and confidential details regarding Apple’s upcoming releases.

Furthermore, the group is offering Apple to “buy back” the stolen data by May 1st, 2021. However, if not, hackers are threatening to release product and personal data to the public.

In order not to wait for the upcoming Apple presentations, today we, the REvil group, will provide data on the upcoming releases of the company so beloved by many. Tim Cook can say thank you Quanta, REvil ransomware gang said in a press release.

From our side, a lot of time has been devoted to solving this problem. Quanta has made it clear to us that it does not care about the data of its customers and employees, thereby allowing the publication and sale of all data we have.

Our team is negotiating the sale of large quantities of confidential drawings and gigabytes of personal data with several major brands. We recommend that Apple buy back the available data by May 1. More and more files will be added every day. The same is in pdf format, the group warned.

For now, the group has leaked a small portion of sample data as “proof.” As seen by the data includes several CAD drawings of an Apple laptop dated 9th March 2021.

It is noteworthy that Quanta’s customers and partners include some top giants of technology companies including:

  • LG
  • Dell
  • Sony
  • Vizio
  • Cisco
  • Fujitsu
  • Lenovo
  • Toshiba
  • Gericom
  • Maxdata
  • Microsoft
  • Apple Inc.
  • Alienware
  • Siemens AG
  • BlackBerry Ltd
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Sharp Corporation
  • Hewlett-Packard Inc.

At the time of publishing this article, there was no statement from Quanta or Apple. However, has reached out to both companies, and this article will be updated accordingly.

Previous REvil ransomware gang victims

Last month, Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation Acer Inc. was breached by the REvil ransomware gang. The group threatened to leak its data if the company did not pay a whopping amount of $50 million in ransom.

In September last year, the same group targeted the State Bank of Chile and disrupted its services. In December 2020, the REvil ransomware gang hacked prominent cosmetic and weight loss specialist The Hospital Group and stole 600 GB worth of personal, sensitive, and financial data belonging to its customers.

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