Rise of Cyber Crimes to Hit Indian Economy

India is one of the most affected countries from the hands of cyber crimes this and statistics prove this too. This year an increase of about 57 percent is recorded in the amount of websites being hacked from all over India in comparison to the year 2009 which recorded only over 9000 website’s hackings. This year only October such an increase was recorded, over 14000 websites were hacked in this particular tenure.

However, these statistics weren’t different from the year 2010’s one . Previous year same amount of websites were hacked as in this particular quater of this year. Government of India has been applying a number of strategies this year to trace out cyber crime. We have already told you about new range of ips within whole Indian broadband services and cyber cells.

But, these strategies weren’t much successful because an attack was launched against different level of Indian ministery websites, as we have already told you about 294 Indian governments websites were hacked in a joint attack by the cyber criminals.

But Indian cyber crime bureau has also been on the move since the rise of cyber crimes in the country a number of cases has been recorded all around the country a number of suspects has been arrested and has been given punishments. According to the beareu, the number of cases this year recorded has doubled the previous year’s recordings and a four time over 2009’s statistics. This is a perfect indication of how quickly cyber crimes are all over the economy rising and causing

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