Someone hacked a road sign in Houston with “Impeach Trump” Message

Hacking electronic billboards or road signs is a growing new trend. Some hack these platforms for fun while some do it to highlight their political support or opposition. Last Tuesday night in Houston hackers utilized their skills to hack a road construction sign and deface it with messages against the President of the United stated Donald John Trump.

The road sign that was installed near Washington corridor was accessed by unknown hackers who not only left messages regarding impeaching Trump but also involved Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The first message said “Impeach Trump #LSSC while the second message stated that “Trump is Putin’s c—k holster.”

Impeach Donald Trump and Trump is Putin’s c—k holster message:

The incident was first noticed by Cathy Hernandez of NBC affiliate KPRC2 who uploaded the images and a video clip of the hacked road sign.

“An ALARMING anti-Trump message displayed on Heights Blvd. and Waugh. Someone hacked the sign overnight. Profanity cropped out,” said Cathy.

On the same day, the sign board was switched off however it is still unclear who was behind the hack or how the hack was conducted.

It must be noted that hashtag #LSSC on the road sign referred to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in which during one of his episode Colbert criticized Trump, demanded that he must be impeached and that he is Putin’s c—k holster.

This is not the first time when someone has hacked into a road sign to show off their political views. In 2015, a pro-Trump supporter hacked a road sign with “Vote Donald Trump” sign. In another hack, hackers defaced electronic sign boards in Texas and left messages in support of Bernie Sanders and Barrett Brown while some messages were against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. That’s not all, a few months ago; a hacktivist defaced a digital construction sign with a custom message for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel —“Rahm Lies, Children Die.”

At the time of publishing this article, the targeted sign board in Houston was restored. However, if you are looking for more fun hacks like this one check out our list of “24 Funny, Upsetting and Shocking Hacked Traffic Signs” right here.

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