Romania’s Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Kaspersky & PayPal Defaced by Algerian Hacker MCA-CRB

It is not just Google Pakistan that has been under attack these days, Romania has also made its place among the list when earlier today, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Kaspersky, & PayPal’s Romania domains were hacked and defaced by an “Algerian Hacker” MCA-CRB.

The attack could be a DNS hijacking attack” as Google denied and said it was not hacked but that someone had managed to redirect visitors to another site for and Microsoft, Yahoo, Kaspersky & PayPal domains for Romania were also redirected by MCA-CRB hacker using same DNS Hijacking tool.

The list of hacked websites along with their mirrors:

Meanwhile, according to the Securelist,the incident may be due to a “DNS hijacking” attack. He notes that “both domains resolve to an IP address located in the Netherlands,” at (, “so it rather looks like a DNS poisoning attack.”

Google meanwhile says that it was not hacked.

“Google services in Romania were not hacked. For a short period, some users visiting and a few other web addresses were redirected to a different website. We are in contact with the organization responsible for managing domain names in Romania, according to TechChurch.

At the time of writing this article,,, & were resotred and working back online, while and were still down and showing ”Page not found” message. 

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