Run Android Applications on PC via Android SDK Manager

Do you wish to run Android application or games but don’t have a Smartphone to do it? Well, we would in this tutorial unleash a method by which you can run Android applications on your own PC. So, let’s started then……..

1. You need to at first download Android Sdk which you can by clicking here. Note: download the 16-bit or 32-bit version according to your PC.

2. Now install the program and a screen like below will appear:

 3. Now, check the latest version of Android that you would like to use for applications and then click on install packages.

4. After installing the packages, go to your web browser and download any of your favorite android application to your PC. But, while installing it copy the files where you have installed the Android SDK.

5. Then open the android-sdk-windows and from their Android virtual device manager. Their click on new and click on the path when you have in the previous step installed copied the files.


6. After this, click on start and it will ask if you want to change the screen settings of your android mobile after doing it your android mobile will run. But, Android emulator will run through where you installed the applications.

7. Now go to RUN and type cmd and press enter.

8. Now enter the path where you installed the Android SDK and press enter.

9. Then in the next command write the command which leads to platform tools for e.g cd android-sdk-windows\platform-tools\) writing cd here is necessary.

10. Now, in the next command write: adb -e install -r yourapp.apk and press enter.

11. After this you can the Android emulator and enjoy running applications.

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