S.Korean Presidential Website Hacked, Personal info of 100,000 People Leaked


The officials at South Korean Presidential office have said that official website of S.Korean President (english.president.go.kr) was hacked on Monday last week, as a result personal information of 100,000 subscribers was leaked online.

In this recent attack the personal information such as names, identification numbers, birth dates, addresses and IP addresses was made public, yet the info did not had any kind of passwords.

The UPI reports that on Tuesday, Anonymous hackers took responsibility for attacking S.Korean presidential website and other media website. However, Anonymous have denied any kind of participation in this cyber attack.

After recent cyber attacks, the S.Korean authorities took off  several of their high profile government website in order to secure sites from any further attack.

At the moment it is unclear who was really behind the hack, however the Seoul has blamed North Korea for the attack but there has been no response.

At the time of publishing this S.Korean Presidential website was up and working online.


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