Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Review ( Price, Performance, Specifications).

Samsung has started thinking for economical users out there; hence, it has released its mid-ranged cell phone- the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. Without much ado, let’s just discuss its features along with its pros & cons.


Talking about the design and miscellaneous features, this budget handset comes with a standard round-cornered black rectangular body and casing. It has the same menu and back buttons on the left and right at the front, along with a hard button on the center. It has a talk-time of 7.5 hours, a standby period of 28 days, an availability of an FM Radio and GPS as well. This 119g phone has a wireless connectivity potential for GPRS, EDGE and 3G.

Software and Apps:

Considering the software and apps, Galaxy Ace 2 provides a greater and better use of the phone as a ‘text and call maniac’. The size and shape just gives that sort of comfort to an average person’s hand to fit in and text flexibly. There is a choice between keyboard customization of which one can switch to the standard one, or go with Swype. It uses the Android 2.3.6 operating system, where there is Microsoft Office compatibility as well. Despite of having that Samsung app store that sucks when you have to sign up if you want to download anything, services such as ChatON is included which works the same way as the iPhone version. It can also let you communicate freely if your friends use that service too.

Not only this, the hardware features are also good to look at for a low-priced phone like this one. The Galaxy Ace 2 comes with a dual core processor with a speed of 800MHz, run by a 786MB of RAM. It has a limited storage of 4GB that can easily be filled up if it gets in the hands of a music freak. Nevertheless, it has a good 480×800 TFT LCD screen and a display size of 3.8 inches. Powered by a USB charger, it contains a volume rocker and a headphone socket. The battery is removable and microSD and SIM card slots are also available.


Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 also features a 5 megapixel camera on the back with a LED flash. The pictures taken with this camera includes increased saturation of colors by default which makes them look really great. But alongside, no definition was found in the bright colors, making users disappointed. There is also a problem with the focus of the camera where one has to tap several times to be sure that the feature is active. Even then, blurred pictures are shot which really puts the consumer off.

Image courtesy of Pocket-Lint


Perhaps the greatest aspect of Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is that it is of the right size. It’s 118x62x11 dimension is comfortable for anyone out there. Moreover, it is priced at £227 which is good if someone is craving for a premium look and a considerable LCD touch display.


The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is an improved version of the original model with a better camera,  larger screen and a bigger processor. However, the disappointing thing is that it is still using the same old version of android.


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