Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC Droid DNA – This is Where It’s Getting Lightning

HTC and Samsung are both front runner in the market of smart phones these days and both of them are experiencing large volumes of sales each day. So, we today have decided to have a comparison between two of the elite phones from these brands i.e. Galaxy S3 and Droid DNA. Although, Galaxy S3 is a 6 months old release but it’s still a hot product in the market. On the other hand, Droid DNA is a newly launched phone the house of HTC but it has faced high demands since it’s day of launch.


The design of the Droid DNA is affiliated with sharp edges and a soft-touch screen. Although, the screen is not shinny but it’s easy get your fingers on it moving due to a layer of matte coating posted over the screen. On the other hand, Galaxy S3 screen is affiliated with rounded edges and a shinny hyper glaze coated screen. But, it’s hard to get your fingerprints off the screen. So, after a few months of usage the screen might look a bit down and you might be required to get a new coating over the screen.



The HTC droid DNA comes with a Snapdragon S4 Plus quad-core CPU that is probably the most powerful and update CPU running these days. Furthermore, it has an un-challenged 1080p screen which allows clear HD pictures on the consumer’s phones. But it having a fixed storage space i.e. 16 GB and a non-removable battery that makes this phones less versatile. Galaxy S3 in comparison comes with micro SD slot and removable battery  options. Though, Galaxy S3’s CPU is not as powerful as Droid DNA which might be due to early arrival of the phone.


According to the software side, both the phones are jelly bean updated but the biggest difference comes through HTC sense 4 plus software  It offers a wide range of features. Both of the phones are updated by Android 4.1.2. S3 is also amalgamated with a number of worthwhile features such as  Multi Window, Page Buddy, a new gallery app.

So, all in all we can say that HTC Droid DNA is an updated phone and one must have it. It’s designed with latest international trends. Therefore, for the team of HackRead HTC Droid DNA is a winner among both of these two elites but not by a overwhelming margin. Stay tuned for more !!!!

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  1. I agree completely. Unfortunately, I dislike Verizon with a passion so I’ll “settle” for the Galaxy SIII with AT&T. I work as graphic artist here in Atlanta, and other phones just can’t compete. My Galaxy should be arriving in a few days… I can’t wait for Jelly Bean and AT&T’s 4G LTE network!

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