Samsung Galaxy S3 VS LG Nexus 4

It took a long while for LG Nexus 4 to get launched in the market, a series of prediction and leaks were provided on it but it’s now finally launched and is on hand of hundreds of thousand of people at the moment. But, is it enough good to forgo current champion of android devices, Samsung Galaxy S3 ?? Well, in this article we will try to find out the answer of question by comparing these fabulous Android devices according to different angles.


Both the phones are modern style phones and there is probably no comparison between the style of both of these. But, still nexus 4 is a step ahead of S3 more due to it’s low price and premium quality styling. Samsung Galaxy S3, where has been manufactured with polycarbonate back and has flimsy look. LG nexus 4 has been manufactured with Gorilla glass and Crystal reflection of LG, this makes Nexus 4 look attracting from far.


Samsung galaxy S3 comes with a 1 GB RAM in international packing with a quad-core processor, but in US it comes with a 2GB RAM and Nexus 4 is very similar to it. But, Nexus 4 is having Snapdragon processor and is powered by Exynos which adds to the performance of the smartphone and this is where it beats it’s rival quite comprehensively. But Nexus 4 is very limited in terms of memory, the memory of the phone non-expandable with no micro SD slots available. One thing is similar among both the phones in terms of hardware there is no support for LTE in both of them. In terms of display, LG nexus 4 has far better display then Samsung Glaxy S3’s Amoled screen display, the colors are far more realistic and are at a higher ppi. Furthermore, the screen display of Nexus 4 is also far better in direct sunlight.


Nexus 4 comes with an updated Android 4.2 software and that’s where all the difference between both the phones comes from all the other differences are avoidable but main thing in a smartphone is it’s Android technology that is needed to remain update. Galaxy S3 is of-course not as updated as Nexus 4, it comes with an Android 4.1.2 software. So, you would find more S-features in S3 but not in Nexus 4. There is marginal difference in both the device’s cameras, where S3 is having a 8 mega-pixel rear camera and 1.3 mega-pixel front camera in comparison Nexus 4 is having 1.9 mega-pixel rear camera and same back camera.


The price of Nexus is far low to Samsung Galaxys S3’s price, one can buy by selling it’s old Samsung galaxy S3. Price of Nexus 4 is a one of the leading factors for it’s success in the market till now. So, according to all the aspects we have discussed of both these prestigious smartphones, Nexus 4 leads all of them and is simply the best of the phones. So, go to the market or online today and book your piece of Nexus 4 today!!!

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