After Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Recalls Millions of Washing Machines

Samsung Receives another Big Blow After Note 7’s Unfortunate Discontinuation- Company Recalls 34 Models of Washers in the US.

The unceremonious exit of the Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone, which was one of the most prestigious launches of Samsung, affected the company pretty badly. As if the fire-prone mobile phone hadn’t caused enough uproar for the South Korean firm now Samsung is facing another issue related to its washing machines that have further aggravated the issue of safety in Samsung’s devices.

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Reportedly, Samsung has recalled all the 34 models of its top-loading washing machines in the US, which totals around 2.8 million washers. This number is much higher than the number of Galaxy Note7 that Samsung recalled last month, which approximately were 1.9 million phones. The decision of recalling all of its top-loader washers came forth on Friday and was a joint decision of Samsung and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

According to the safety commission, the recalled laundry machines from Samsung have a grave problem of the top cover getting detached from the chassis while running, causing a risk of “injury from impact.” Samsung maintains that this happens when the consumers run the machine on high-speed spin cycle for cleaning water-resistant clothing and also while washing bulky clothing items such as bedding.

One of the users had their machine exploded last month

Samsung Electronics America’s general manager for home appliances John Herrington stated that the company’s priority is to “reduce any safety risks in the home and to provide our customers with easy and simple choices in response to the recall.”

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On the other hand, the safety commission states that Samsung has already received around 733 reports of these washing machines, in which consumers have complained about detaching of the tops and also extreme vibrations. Additionally, 9 reports have been received regarding injuries such as a consumer reported about an injured shoulder and broken jaw.

Burns to ashes

Samsung however, is trying to respond to the reports from the product safety commission and also to inform consumers about what to do in such situations. As per the manufacturer, users of these washing machines can opt for an in-home repair for reinforcing the washer’s top and also there is the option of receiving a rebate from the company and buy another washing machine from Samsung.

The 34 models of washing machines listed by the safety commission were sold between March 2011 and November 2016. To check out if your washing machine is part of the recall, visit Samsung’s website and enter your washing machine’s serial number.

Where to check if your washing machine can be a problem

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The company says that it would be offering refunds to customers who have bought the recalled model of washing machines within the past 30 days.

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