Samsung Unveils Flexible Screens

When Samsung in previous announced flexible screens for its new mobiles it was definite that the technology veteran would soon be launching it and they are near to be doing that. In CES 2013, they provided a demonstration of their latest innovation i.e. the flexible screen mobiles. With this Samsung also hinted a change in the Android service provided currently in Samsung phones. Currently, Google is providing Android service on the Samsung phone, but, Samsung has indicated Windows Phone eight the nesting service provider.

While offering an insight into this new fascinating technology, it was realized that flexible screens don’t allow the memory and processing to be a modern one. The demonstration showed a small box with the handset for the phone’s processing; this nearly has disabled the actual impact of flexible screens.

The analysts also believe that flexible screens are likely to be used in the devices which are more durable and aren’t likely to crack easily and can absorb force. The flexible displays are likely to give the edges a fascinating look.

The best thing about the screens is that it didn’t show any color distortions while being bent, to what previous videos predicted. So, it’s good news for all the Samsung officials that their screen display is rightly working and ready for a full launch.

Another prediction is that all the phone releases might have similar sort of screens to what mentioned above. Galaxy S4 and new iPhone are also predicted to have this type of screens. So, looking forward to this year’s phone releases then.

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