Royal Saudi Air Force Website Hacked By Iranian Hackers

An Iranian hacker from Iran Hack Security Team hacked and defaced the official website of Royal Saudi Air Force this Friday morning.

Though the hacker didn’t upload any deface page on the Saudi Air Force website, but the message in text form “Hacked By Mr.Xpr! Iran Hack Security Team” made it obvious that somehow the hacker was able to bypass the site’s security.

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In an exclusive conversation with the hacker, HackRead was told that the reason for targeting Saudi Air Force website was to register a protest against the Saudi-led war in Yemen. 

According to the hacker:

“We want Saudi Arabia to stop killing people in Yemen. We will keep on targeting Saudi defense related sites.”

Link of targeted website along with its zone-h mirror as a proof of hack is available below,

Saudi and Iranian hackers have been fighting a silent cyberwar against each other meanwhile both countries are criticizing each other for their roles in the ongoing conflict in the Republic of Yemen.

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In past, Saudi hackers hacked Iranian state TV social media accounts and Iranian ministry of defense website accusing the country of supporting Houthi forces in Yemen.

In reply, Yemen Cyber Army hacked Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and leaked plain-text login credentials of Saudi officials — Conversations between embassies along with Embassies VSAT Communications.

The pro-Assad hackers from Syrian Electronic Army also marked their protest against the ongoing Yemen conflict by hacking Washington Post mobile website.

At the time of publishing this article, the Royal Saudi Air Force website was restored and available online.

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