This New Secom Drone Will Hunt The Suspects Down

Japanese company “Secom” has developed a drone that could be tough to handle for intruders trying to escape after committing any crime.

This new drone is designed to autonomously detect suspect and also to take their snapshots while they are trying to escape from the crime scene. It also has led lights installed for night operations so criminals trying to use the darkness of the night can’t get away from this drone.

Furthermore, it has its own dedicated launching pad and charging station which allows it to work 24/7 on its own without the need of regular monitoring.

How does it work?

Once the drone detects the intruder its UAV lifts off and rises to a height between 3 to 5 meters. Then the drone follows the intruders (at the speed of up to 10 KM/H) and its surveillance cameras try to take pictures of the intruders, their vehicles and the surroundings. All the data is then sent back to Secom security center where the severity of the threat is analyzed.

Image Source: PC World

This surveillance system is far better than the current security system provided by the company which uses static surveillance cameras for tracking down the intruders and requires a security guard for accessing the threat.

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Who can use it and for what purpose?

The company believes this drone could be used by enterprises for monitoring their buildings and also can be used on land for monitoring the delivery of expensive parcels.


The price of this drone is 800,000 Japanese Yens ($6,575) with a monthly subscription fee of 5000 Yens ($40).

But, the launch of the drone was delayed by issues relating drone flights in Japan. Earlier this year, a Japanese citizen flew a drone with radioactive sand and landed it right on the roof the Prime Minister’s house. This made the government change the aviation laws, once the revised legislation came through it allowed the Secom to unveil its drone.


In the past, engineers developed Riot Control Drone “Shunk” equipped with four high-capacity paintball barrels, each capable of firing up to 20 bullets per second. It can also fire solid plastic balls in order to tackle crowds or protesters.


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