Serbian Students Hack Billboard, Display Advert in PirateBay’s support [Video Included]

A group of Serbian students penetrated into the security of a billboard advertisement which stands tall at a crowded and much eminent location in the Republic square center of Belgrade, Serbia.

The billboard which is alongside the quote of Gandhi which says’ “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win’’, exhibited the logo of the Pirate Bay for awhile. The group held responsible for such an action went on to say that it just a wake up call for people who ignore the importance of IT security.


Pirate Bay is recognized for its technical manipulation which they also portrayed in their last week’s hacking act which caused people to believe that the site has shifted in location to North Korea’s dictatorial waters.

It is their tradition which was followed up by the group of computer science students who went on to hack the billboard in Belgrade, Serbia.

One of guys who dressed in a shirt saying “Keep Calm and Seed’’ managed to play a space invader game on the screen with his fellow student through a Smartphone. Various messages were displayed on the screen along with the banner that says ‘’hacking4fun’’.

However the huge logo of Pirate bay alongside the quote of Mahatma Gandhi which has been mentioned above is what seriously caught the attention of many.

The hack was initially declared by the media to be from an unknown source but the students who did it briefed out to TorrentFreak that they have no affiliations with any hackers group whatsoever.

The group went on saying that when they pursued these acts as a hobby, they came to realize that many systems do not have any proper security coding and can be easily be penetrated through simple techniques which are generally employed by Hackers.

They also said that the world has transformed into a free flowing information stream where the art of hacking is not hard to learn at all. Therefore we have come forward with this wake up call for those who generally disregard the so important security of computer systems.

They also decided to render support to Pirate Bay.

TorrentFreak was also told by this group that they are strongly in favor of the right of freedom of expression and speech and Private Bay is a free political platform which works for such values and liberation. This fact has enticed us to render any sort of support to this organization.

The students again laid stress on the fact that the whole act was just a demonstration of the vulnerability that IT systems feature. No damage was done to the system of the billboard and its operating company was rendered with the information about the loose holes or discrepancies in their security system.

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