Scammers Targeting Users with Shocking Video Facebook Scam

Social media sites are storehouses of people who are easily duped into believing almost anything which is posted and some proof of this is another circulating ‘shocking footage’ video link that has once again taken over Facebook.

The video link, like many others, shows a particularly distressful image of an African woman with the caption stating that she is in critical condition after having been forced to do something.

Scammers Targeting Facebook Users with Dislike Button Scam 

Needless to say, the video link is only there to entice users of the site into clicking on the link, which takes the user to a page that directs them to ‘share’ and ‘like’ the link, thus exposing this video to many more of their friends on Facebook.

Even after doing that, the users can’t watch the video and are tricked into giving up personal details such as email addresses, phone numbers and bio data in order to certify that they are of age and mature enough to watch the video. But the users cannot watch the video because there simply isn’t one. 

Thumbnail of the video scam
Here’s what happens when you play the video

The photo is said to be taken from an incident in Nigeria where a female robber was stripped naked for stealing.

Scammers earn money every time someone clicks on the link and the personal details allow for marketing messages to be sent to the users’ emails and phone numbers. Therefore, you must be cautious of any such links that might look as if they are set up by scammers.

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