How to eSign Documents Online for Free

How to eSign Documents Online for Free

How do you sign a document online for free? We show you how to put an electronic signature on any digital document of your choice with the help of CocoSign, a free-to-use online document signing service. We also offer relevant information about online signing. 

With the advent of Cloud technology, online signatures are slowly becoming the norm. Signing a document online is painless, secure, and brings many benefits. 

Not only do you avoid the usual hassle of paperwork, but you also save time and money. Did we mention it’s good for the environment? 

How do you sign documents online, preferably for free? We’ll explain how, and cover everything else you need to know about the subject, in this mini-guide. 

Part 1: How to Sign Documents Online

If you want to sign a document online, you need a service that takes care of all the technicalities. This includes providing a platform where you – and others – can sign simultaneously, and then storing the document safely.  

1.1 You Need an Online Document Signing Service 

CocoSign is a well-known SaaS provider for electronic signatures. It’s used by individuals and businesses worldwide. It offers cross-platform support, meaning you can access it from any web-enabled device. 

How to eSign Documents Online for Free

The service has a good reputation and has been reviewed on major platforms such as TheVerge, TechCrunch, and LifeWire.  

Let’s take a look at how to use CocoSign to sign any electronic document.

1.2 How to Sign a Document Online with CocoSign

There are only 3 steps to signing a document online with CocoSign for free: 

  1. Upload the document 

Sign up for a CocoSign account. Then upload your document on CocoSign by using the select file option. Or simply drag and drop a file.  

  1. Sign 

Sign the document with the help of the tools in the pop-up window. Alternatively, you can take a photo of your signature and upload it or just type in your name and use a software-shaped signature style. 

  1. Download

Click on the download button to download the signed document. 

Part 2: CocoSign is Quick, Secure, and Offers Excellent Features  

Here are some reasons why using CocoSign is a good idea: 

  1. Sign from anywhere and at anytime 

There are no restrictions on where you can sign from – and what type of documents you can sign. You – or anyone else – can be halfway around the world and still sign contracts, apply for loans, or sign any other document. All you need is an internet-enabled device. 

  1. Get multiple signatures in sequence 

When you’re signing a contract or creating a petition, you need multiple signatories. CocoSign supports signatures from multiple users, in any desired sequence. You can track when someone has signed the document, and if anyone still has to sign. 

Documents signed online are accepted and legally binding in more than 180+ countries. A document you or anyone else signs on the platform is legally-valid. Also, the service provides audit trail protection, via timestamps and other electronic records. 

  1. Secure communication and records 

All connections you make to CocoSign are secure and use a 256-bit SSL encryption. If you choose to save documents, they are protected with industry-standard security. Further, CocoSign offers an extra layer of security with fingerprint and passcode authentication.  

  1. Customization 

You can create and save custom document templates – like legal contracts, employment contracts, letters, petitions, and more. You can edit and update documents at any time. It’s much faster than editing and printing paper documents. 

  1. Fast turnaround times 

If you exchange paper documents with customers or clients, the turnaround time can range from days to weeks. They have to receive the document, sign it, and send it back. With CocoSign, though, it all happens electronically, shaving days off of the whole process. 

  1. Money savings 

You probably spend a lot of money on printers, paper, maintenance, and paper records. By going digital, you can save a great deal. Digital records are easier and cheaper to maintain, and you have reduced overheads. 

You can enjoy premium features by signing up for a CocoSign account and subscribing to the business plan. The free plan offers several advanced features and is well-suited for individual purposes. 

Part 3: FAQ about Online Signatures and Document Signing 

  1. Are electronic signatures legally binding in the United States? 

The United States passed the ESIGN Act in 2000 . It’s a federal law that grants legal recognition to electronic signatures and records, provided all parties involved choose to use electronic documents and then sign them electronically. So yes, electronic signatures are legally binding in the US –and 180+ other countries besides. 

  1. What kind of documents can be signed? 

You can sign any electronic document or any paper document you can convert to an electronic document. CocoSign supports all popular electronic document formats, including doc, PDF, and xls. 

  1. Who can sign online? 

Anyone who can sign paper documents can sign digital ones. This includes individuals in personal or business settings. For example, many individuals use CocoSign to create and sign legal affidavits in the US. If you’re running a business, you can use CocoSign to sign contracts and other paperwork.  

  1. What is the difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature? 

Digital signatures contain an electronic thumbprint of the document along with the signature itself. If the document is tampered with, you will know. Electronic signatures, on the other hand, are simple signs without this feature. Both are legally binding.  

  1. How can I sign a document online for free? 

You can use a software-as-a-service provider like CocoSign to create and sign a document online. It’s free. The service also offers premium plans if you’re a business or enterprise users and want advanced features. 


Signing documents online could soon become the new standard. You have much to gain by eliminating the majority of the paperwork and using electronic signatures, and little to lose. Further, services like CocoSign make it quick, safe, and easy.   

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