These smart contact lenses equip your eyes with augmented reality

So far we have seen smart contact lenses in thriller and sci-fi movies but now…

So far we have seen smart contact lenses in thriller and sci-fi movies but now it is possible to own a pair of smart, AR-powered contact lenses, thanks to Mojo Vision.

Mojo Vision, a startup based in Saratoga, California, has designed the first “true smart contact lenses” of the world with the “smallest and densest dynamic display ever made.”

Called Mojo Lens; this smart lens can bring augmented reality (AR) experience extremely close to your eyeball, something that even the tech industry bigwigs like Sony and Google couldn’t achieve so far.

Offering a 14,000 pixel-per-inch display, and a plethora of features like image stabilization, eye-tracking, and a custom wireless radio, the lens projects light right in front of the eyes, which meanwhile wearing these lenses the user can see even with the eyes shut. Since its display is located right at the center of the lens, directly above the pupil, most of its light is focused on Fovea, a small portion in the retina.

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“The Mojo Lens incorporates a number of breakthroughs and proprietary technologies, including the smallest and densest dynamic display ever made, the world’s most power-efficient image sensor optimized for computer vision, a custom wireless radio, and motion sensors for eye-tracking and image stabilization,” Mojo Vision stated in a press release.

Mojo Lens comes with an extensive range of AR-enabled display statistics such as health tracking.  It has a very flexible, AR-powered display, and the screen is so tiny that the eye cannot properly see it. It is a product of years of research and development as well as over a hundred patent filings. At the moment the product is in its infancy stage and only the working prototype of Mojo Lens has been introduced. The actual shipping of the product may take time.

Mojo Vision calls its smart contact lenses a breakthrough product; the prototype provides real-time light enhancements and contrasts along with many features that a smartphone camera generally offers including zoom. This lens can be really helpful for users with low vision but it cannot reverse the loss of sight, the company stated.

Designed by researchers coming from almost all mainstream tech and healthcare firms including Amazon, Apple, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Philips Healthcare and Zeiss Ophthalmology, the Mojo Lens is definitely an extraordinary product.

mojo vision smart contact lenses
Discovering sky just like that with smart contact lenses (Image credit: Mojo Vision

Regarding the company’s claim that these lenses are the world’s first true smart lenses, Mojo Vision’s product and marketing vice president, Steve Sinclair, said:

“By true we mean it really builds in all the capabilities of a solution that you can wear all day, and project augmented reality information to the wearer whenever you need it.”

IEEE Spectrum reports that these lenses are powered by a small external battery that handles the sensor data too and transmits it to the display, which Sinclair is a method called “invisible computing.” Through this technique, the lenses offer instant information and let people interact freely and genuinely with one another. Mojo Vision’s CEO Drew Perkins said:

“Mojo has a vision for Invisible Computing where you have the information you want when you want it and are not bombarded or distracted by data when you don’t. The technology should be helpful, and it should be available in the moment and fade away when you want to focus on the world around you.”

This product not only takes vision prostheses a step forward but will help in enhancing workplace efficiency especially in the industrial sector. It will help workers in accessing information in real-time, which would lead to increased productivity in comparison to a headset.

Moreover, it will be equally useful for emergency responders such as firefighter shields as it will display temperature-related information as well as indicate areas of a building that are caught up in the fire.

mojo vision smart contact lenses
A teaser of how Mojo Vision’s Smart contact lens function.

The product’s prototype was displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas earlier in January. It still needs FDA approval since smart contact lenses fall into the category of medical devices after which the lenses will be available in the market.

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Fortunately for Mojo Vision, the company is already part of a voluntary FDA program called the Breakthrough Device program that undertakes measures to make those medical devices easily accessible that can reverse or treat weakening conditions/diseases. Currently, the price of Mojo Lens has been kept under wraps.

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