Smart Davek Umbrella when Lost send Alerts to its owner

A New York based accessories company Davek claims to have made the “strongest, most high-quality umbrellas” and now it took to Kickstarter for introducing an unconventional and innovative new umbrella design. It is called Davek Alert Umbrella.

The umbrella isn’t your regular rain shield but a smart gadget having above average strength with its zinc alloy handle, fiberglass frame and an industrial grade aluminum. The umbrella can be bought for $79, £50 or AU$105.

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What makes this umbrella truly exceptional is that it is outfitted with a CR2032 coin battery and a high-tech motion sensor Bluetooth 4.0. There is a dedicated iOS and Android app for the umbrella as well. It definitely is unlike any other umbrella you have ever used.


Davek created such an umbrella because of the reason that people tend to forget things at public places such as restaurants, movie theatres and subways, etc. However, if your umbrella is smart enough to send an alert as soon as you get away from it at least 30feet or more, then you have got nothing to worry about.

However, there’s a warning.

You need to actually grab the motion-sensor-equipped umbrella in order to alert the “wake up” feature because only then it will send you alerts. Thus, it is not supposed to alert those who always forget to pack their umbrellas while leaving home in the morning. Its sleep/awake modes definitely save you from getting beeped every time you are at a 30feet distance from your umbrella.

You can manually stop the alert feature to up to 24 hours if it gets too much to handle. You may also completely turn it off. However, by turning it off, you will need to remember to switch it on as well when you take it out the next time. I think it is easily doable than remembering to grab it every time we are out.

According to Davek, the smart setup is as simple and easy as downloading the app. All you need to do is hold your umbrella next to your cellphone. Apart from the proximity alerts, the app also provide weather alerts every day so that you know when you need to take the umbrella with you and when you don’t.

On one coin battery, the umbrella’s smart tech can easily work for a few years. Davek’s Alert Umbrella campaign has still got 31 days more but it already has achieved half of its $50,000 target. If the product gets fully funded before April 12, the company will start shipping it in September.

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