Snowden and Assange Targeted by Pro-US Hacker “The Jester”


A self-proclaimed patriot and shadowy hacker has recently launched several cyber-attacks against Ecuador and has also made the statement that such attacks will be conducted against any nation whosoever seeks of granting asylum to Edward Snowden who is the former contractor of National Security Agency. th3J35t3r” (the Jester) is what the hacker calls himself and has also identified himself as being a former solider. He has also gone on to target Julian Assange. The founder of Wikileaks is helping Snowden out in finding a secure heaven.

It was on Monday that Jester launched these attacks against Ecuador on grounds that they are considering the request of Snowden to grant him asylum. The attacks were initiated against Ecuador’s stock exchange server and against the country’s official website for tourism. Though Gabrielle Murillo who is the spokeswoman for the tourism website has said that she is unaware of the attack and the internet has been working fine but Dave Mass who belongs to the Electronic Frontier Foundation has stated to Mother Jones that no access was available to the website after the penetration or breach occurred. The stock exchange officials have not made any reply or comment on the issue.

A computer of Jester is on display at the spy museum and is renowned for launching attacks against Al-Qaeda websites and against Wikileaks. Jester also told that he now has no official terms with any security agencies but the hacking he does is mere an extension of the services that he has been doing as a solider. He has also claimed that in Afghanistan, he was appointed with a renowned unit. He has described himself on his website as PRO military guy and a guy who independently works as a security agency and as an Intel community.

In the jester Blog post of June 26, it has been stated that Snowden should not be considered as some hero because he is not here to rescue the Americans against the violation of privacy rights by the government or to assure the application of 4th amendment. He is nothing but a traitor who has only brought us near to harm. A similar tirade has also been launched by him against Assange who is in shelter in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London though he is not someone seeking asylum. It has also been written in the Jester that Assange is wanted for being questioned on some rape charge.

In another tweet, Jester has also hinted towards conducting a hack for penetrating into the fire alarm of the embassy for the purpose of forcing Asssange to come out. In case Assange leaves the compound of the embassy, he may be transferred or taken to Sweden where he is facing a suit for sexual assault and can also be potentially taken by US because he fears that he might be questioned against the publishing of some secret or classified information which has been said to be leaked by Bradley Manning.

Apart from targeting Ecuador and Assange, the Jester has also published a list containing 52 servers which have been utilized by Venezuelan government and Snowden has been reported to use them for petitioning asylum. Jester has made the statement that any country who is considering of giving asylum to Snowden would be taken as an enemy and the hacker also told that there are 21 such countries who are considering his request.

He has also stated in a blog post which came up earlier this week that he has no fear of any prosecution because he never conducts any activity against the US and if he is arrested in any case and is judged by some jury of his caliber, he will consider the decision as just.


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