Statues of Snowden, Assange, Manning unveiled in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz square

Famous whistleblowers Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange can be seen standing in Berlin now as their life-size bronze statutes were unveiled on Friday.

In Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, the statutes of whistleblowers Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange were unveiled for public on Friday. These personalities are deemed heroes by the political left for their efforts of making US intelligence documents public.

Davide Dormino is the person behind this work. Dormino, an Italian sculptor, explained that he wanted to “represent three contemporary heroes who have lost their freedom for the truth.”

He also said that the statues serve as a reminder of “how important it is to know the truth and have the courage to know the truth.”

The sculptures are named as “Anything to Say” and supporters are urged to stand up and protect their right of free speech and freedom of information.

Watch the video behind the making of these statues:

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