Snowden’s Latest Leak has fake UFO Images: Claims expert

A document among the trove leaked by Edward Snowden contains slides showing images of flying saucer
A document among the trove leaked by Edward Snowden contains slides showing images of flying saucer as reported by Yahoo News

Following a report published by Yahoo News, it was revealed that Edward Snowden has leaked documents containing mysterious UFO images

The Daily Mail however has a different view, according to a UFO experts the mysterious spacecrafts in the Snowden’s leaked powerpoint presentation are fake images and a mind-control game practiced by the governments.

The latest revelations from the leaked documents by the whistleblower Snowden, an ex-NSA contractor, include some images that resemble alien space crafts available here.

The presentation named “The Art of Deception” was created by the British Spy agency GCHQ and it is believed that the spies are trained in spreading misinformation about UFOs via the internet, taking advantage of the UFO beliefs, says Nigel Watson, who has authored ‘Haynes UFO Investigations Manual’.

  • The main evidence for the cover-up of UFO reports and manipulation of UFO beliefs, as revealed by the documents released by Edward Snowden, is contained in a Powerpoint presentation called, The Art Of Deception: Training For A New Generation Of Online Covert Operations. Governments used mind-control game to mislead public about UFO.

Watson added that such deceptions are used to cover up activities like testing of secret or military exercises or to undermine the credibility of ufologists.

  • The overall point of the presentation is to discuss how the internet and modern media can be used to discredit people and to spread deception. Unfortunately, there is no explanatory text with the UFO pictures, so we can only speculate about what point they were being used to make,” added Watson.

HackRead carried news earlier about the mysterious flying saucer images in documents leaked by Snowden available here.

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