Snowden on NSA Leaks: I have already won, I am not disloyal to USA

The NSA’s whistle blower Edward Snowden has said that ‘’he has already won, he has achieved what he dreamed of ’’ especially when journalists around the world got keen to expose what NSA has been doing since 2001.

In an interview to the Washington post, ex – NSA tech
Snowden said that it is satisfying because his story was well carried by journalists, showing how US government spies and invades privacy of people in order to get hold of their personal information.

  • ‘’For me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission’s already accomplished,’’ ‘’I already won’’
  • ‘’As soon as the journalists were able to work, everything that I had been trying to do was validated,’’ ’’Snowden told the Post. “Because, remember, I didn’t want to change society. I wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself.’’

Just a couple of weeks ago a federal judge had declared the NSA’s PRISM surveillance project as unconstitutional. Later the President Obama came up with a statement that he may go for some changes over the ongoing spying program which according to leaked documents shows that NSA keeps track on American citizens and governments around the world.  A report shows that the advisory panel has come up with 46 adjustments in online PRISM project.

In the interview Snowden also added that he is not disloyal to the USA. He wants to improve the NSA.

  • ‘’I am not trying to bring down the NSA, I am working to improve the NSA,’’ “I am still working for the NSA right now. They are the only ones who don’t realize it.’’

Meanwhile the White House also came up with its statement on Snowden’s interview, according to which:

‘’Snowden faces serious felony back here in the US, he should come back to the US and face the process and all the protections of our criminal justice system.’’

Snowden is an ex-NSA tech, now a whistle blower; residing in Russia. His leaked documents have exposed a sophisticated network of spy and surveillance commanded directly by the United States government.


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