Snowden: I am ready to visit Germany and testify against NSA’s spying over German Chancellor

Germany’s Green Party leader Hans-Christian yesterday met NSA’s whistleblower met Edward Snowden in Moscow where Snowden was invited to testify against NSA in Germany.

According to reports Snowden has agreed to visit Germany in order to testify against NSA’s spying over German Chancellor Angela Merkel but at the same time according to legal experts in Russia, Snowden can not leave Russia due to legal issues. However legal experts from Russia and Germany may provide assistance on the issue.

Edward Snowden is in Russia on one year temporary asylum for leaking information on NSA’s top class secret spying project known as PRISM.

After meeting with Snowden, Hans-Christian told German based ARD TV that NSA whistleblower is ready to talk with the German lawyers, but they must ensure that they will not forcibly sent him back to the United States.

Snowden also gave a letter to Green Party leader which is said to be highly confidential and only ”for the eyes” of  German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The content of letter remains unknown, however according to reports German Interior Ministry is taking special interest in the letter and keen to know its content. Meanwhile, there are new reports that U.S. intelligence agency NSA has been spying on members of the Federal German Parliament.

Experts who are keeping an eye on this issue said that meeting between German green party leader and Edward Snowden is a success and will create more problems for the United States as it is clear that Snowden knows more then anyone can expect.

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