Social Experiment: What Happens When Your Child Falls for Fake Social Media Profiles

Most of us have heard of ‘stranger danger’ and most of us have been educated as children or have educated children about the dangers of speaking to strangers –  but how many actually make the effort to educate about the dangers of strangers online?

Perhaps children being online while they are at home or at school lures parents into a false sense of security; after all,  the school and home are supposed to be places of safety for children right? Wrong!

The Internet is full of predators, pedophiles and child molesters who, when can’t find victims physically in the real world hunt for them online in the virtual world. Grooming online is also safer for the predators due to the length of time they have with the child alone. 

The easiest way for these predators to meet children is to create a fake profile of a female or another child on social media (Facebook being the most popular medium), groom them over a period of time (which for many predators is the thrill) before arranging to meet up. 


Take a look at the social experiment in the video below and realize that the online environment,  regardless if ventured into from the safety and comfort of the home, is a dangerous place for children. It is imperative that you educate them about the online threats before it’s too late. 

The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Social Experiment) Girl Edition!

The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Social Experiment) Boy Edition!

Ryan De Souza

Ryan is a London-based member of the HackRead's Editorial team. A graduate of Maths and physics with a passion for geopolitics and human rights. Ryan places integrity at the pinnacle of successful journalism and believes this is somewhat lacking in traditional media. Ryan is an educator who balances his time between family, social activism and humanitarian causes and his vice is Football and cars.