How software and cyber security can make a huge difference for business

Cyber security for your business is preventing people who do not have authorized access getting into your business’s database siphoning data.
How software & cyber security can make a huge difference for business


There are many reasons why you might want to keep your business safe from outside and inside intruders. Cyber security for your business is preventing people who do not have authorized access getting into your business’s database and siphoning personal information from it that they can use to exploit you.

The more that technology advances, the more risk there is when it comes to having all of your company data online and on a database. This is because the internet is full of hackers who are always looking for ways to infiltrate software systems. They’re not the only ones that you need to look out for, though – employees can sometimes go rogue and violate system security measures from the inside. Let’s take a look at how software and cyber security can make a huge difference for your business.

1. Ensuring End-to-End Encryption

If you want to make sure that your company’s database is completely safe, then you need to implement end-to-end encryption. What is this? It’s end-to-end technology that makes sure any shared information between two people or two parties stays between them.

This used to be a very common method that hackers used to steal information by intercepting people’s online communications. However, when you secure your end-to-end encryption, you prevent those conversations from being accessed by a third party, so that everything can remain confidential, even if you’re online.

2. Employee Productivity Tracker

Security and data risks don’t just come from the outside when you’re running a partially online business. This is especially relevant right now if you’ve got teams of employees working from home due to COVID. They will require access to the company’s database to do their job, which puts it at risk of being infiltrated from within.

One way to avoid this risk is to set up employee productivity tracker. This way, you can make sure that your employees are doing their job as instructed. This level of monitoring and security will give you the peace of mind that you need while you try to juggle everything that’s involved with running a business.

3. HTTPS for Websites

Another cyber security technology that has developed over the past several years is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, otherwise known as HTTPS. You’ll see it every time you open up your browser and Google a website – it will be next to the URL.

You might not even think about seeing this, but it’s what secures webpages. This means that if you’re on a website that doesn’t have this, the website isn’t secure. It is vulnerable to being hacked and phished, and you shouldn’t ever share personal information on a website like this. If you want to keep your company safe online, make sure that the company webpage and any webpage associated with it are secured with HTTPS.

4. Anti-malware

Hackers like to infiltrate companies by collecting their data and then selling it onto a third party. One way to prevent this from happening is to use reliable anti-malware. Software like this can help you detect potential threats and breaches of your security system, some of the time before they occur.

This is a great safeguard to use against the entire database being attacked. If it is, then you risk losing a lot of confidential business data. Hackers use spyware to track user activity and data systems. It’s going to be a lot harder for them to do this if you’re using an anti-malware to protect your company.

While you might be a little bit more worried about cyber security than you were a few years ago, the good news is that technology is moving with it. This means that for every hacker or phisher out there, you’ve got a tool in your arsenal that you can use to defend and protect your company’s database.


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