Someone hacked this traffic sign with anti-Trump messages

Someone hacked this traffic sign with anti-Trump message

A traffic sign near North Central Expressway in Dallas was hacked by unknown perpetrator on Friday (November 8th) night and defaced with an obscene message against the President of United States Donald Trump and his voters.

The defacement not only shocked people but also caused traffic issues after drivers decided to take snapshots of the sign that said “I got one thing to say fu** Donald Trump bit** A** and fu** ya all for voting for that s***.

Someone hacked this traffic sign with anti-Trump message
Screenshots shows hacked traffic sign showing anti-Trump messages

According to Dallas news, Texas Department Of Transportation (TXDOT) said that “As of now, we don’t have any information that it’s ours. But we have taken steps with our contractors to make sure they understand the importance of additional measures to make sure the signs don’t get hacked.”

At the time of publishing this article, the hacked sign was restored.

Hacking a traffic sign

Hacking a traffic sign is easy, invariably the control panel is protected by a default password and instructions on how to power-on the console, power-off the sign display, activate quick message and create custom messages are available to view. An example of it can be seen in the screenshot below that belongs to Wanco, an Arvada, Colorado-based manufacturer of traffic control, public safety, construction, mining and portable surveillance devices.

Someone hacked this traffic sign with anti-Trump message

This is why one often reads about the hacking of traffic signs and billboards for example last year street signs in Texas were hacked with pro-Bernie Sanders slogan and anti-Clinton and Trump messages. Then in Denver, a traffic sign was hijacked to place “Fu** the Police” message against police brutality.

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