Sony To Produce Contact Lenses That Can Take Photos and Record Videos

In 2015, Google patented for a contact lens that can scan your Iris — Now, Sony is up for something similar but more influential.

Would you believe if we say that you can now record video footages with the blink of your eyes? It does appear to be a concept straight out of a sci-fi movie or from a fictional novel. But this will soon become a reality because Sony has already patented the technology.

Perhaps, Sony’s R&D department was aware of the fact that memories tend to be fallible and it is easily possible that some key details slip away from our minds. This is why they have planned to introduce contact lenses that are equipped with recording feature. These are no ordinary lenses as there are tiny cameras installed within them that can record and store whatever you are seeing and then these lenses are capable of playing the recorded footages as well.

This lens will take a snap and record video with a blink of an eye

Let’s suppose, you have forgotten what was the agenda of the meeting last week or what was taught in the most recent lecture in the class. Need to cherish a memorable moment like your graduation day, the birth of the first child or day you were proposed? With the help of these futuristic contact lenses, you will be able to not just store such valuable memories but also recall the information within merely seconds whenever you need to.

These lenses could be highly beneficial for a number of reasons, the most important one being that their applicability and usability is beyond limits as different sectors can use it for different purposes. Such as, the criminal justice system may get extremely efficient and fool-proof with the authenticity of the information provided by the lenses.

It may come across as quite intriguing and scary too, to say the least, but these Smart contact lenses are certainly going to be a great gamble for Sony as it plans to create its own niche in a market that is heavily dominated by techno bigwigs like Samsung.

Sony has filed for the patent of these contact lenses, a key component of which is that the recording cameras can identify when you are deliberately blinking, which actually activate the various mechanisms of the cameras.

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office
Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office

The patent states that as it is a widely known fact that usually web link for 0.2 to 0.4 seconds and thus, it can be said that if this blinking period exceeds 0.5 seconds then the blinking will be different because it will become “conscious” blinking while the natural blinking is termed as an “unconscious” act.

Another great feature is the ability of these lenses to save the recorded images to an internal storage device, which could be the ultimate game-changer because other Smart devices like those from Samsung can store data to an external device only. Storing information on an internal device means that you can quickly access the recorded images.

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These contact lenses from Sony will feature hordes of sophisticated technologies such as these will utilize piezoelectric sensors to convert mechanical energy such as force, pressure into electrical energy.

Eye movements will help the camera start functioning and recording. The lenses will receive power through electromagnetic induction and the lenses will be able to adjust as the user will tilt the eyes while autofocus will clear up the blurry images.

The technology may appear somewhat unbelievable but it is assured that very soon we will be able to buy these lenses and use it for retaining our memories without much ado.


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