FBI Director: Sony Hackers Got Sloppy on The IP Addresses. Did They Really?

FBI Director James Comey publicly said that the North Korean hackers who recently attackedSony Entertainment Pictures got sloppy since they actually used IP addresses that could be traced to North Korea.

This statement which implicates the North Korean nation is the one of the most direct links the FBI has made in relation to the hacking issue publicly. Comey was speaking at a cybersecurity conference in New York on the 7th of December when he made the statement.

Cybersecurity experts are still unsure whether North Korea has the needed resources to carry out such an attack, having been under sanction from the US.

Comey responds with: There is not much in this life that I have confidence about, but I have very high confidence in this attribution. They don’t have the facts that I have, they don�t see what I see.

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The FBI Director said that the group calling themselves Guardians of Peace claimed responsibility of the hack but they messed up by using North Korean IP addresses when they connected using proxy servers.

The question is if GoP hackers really got sloppy? It’s time for FBI to put the proof of N.Korean involvement in public (Considering the habit of blaming others for everything that happens inside the country). As for now claiming that hacker group got sloppy and didn’t took care of the IP address sounds like a bad new year joke.

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