Sony Music Mexico Website Hacked & Defaced by DiE_AucH

The official website of Sony Music for Mexico ( has been hacked and defaced by a hacker going with the handle of DiE_AucH, along with two other Mexican sites.


The hacked Sony Music site is displaying deface page and a small message note bashing the website admin for its poor security applied on the site. Yet the exact reason for hacking the site was not mentioned. According to the note:

You have been hacked ..Your security is NULL.. You Must work on it..Owned by Di E _Auch

Link of targeted website:

Mirror of hacked website:

Sony Music Mexico has over 122, 473 followers on their Twitter account and over 447,141 fans on their official Facebook page.

This is not a surprise that Sony Music site has been  hacked, the company has a history of embarrassment due to successful hack attacks in past, when the official Sony Mobile site was hacked by NullCrew and a lot of personal data was leaked online. 

The other two hacked websites belong to a song lyrics service ( and an educational institution site ( The link of all three hacks and past hacks from DiE_AucH hacker can be found here.

At the time of publishing this article, the Sony Music site was still hacked and displaying deface page left by the hacker.


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