South African Ministry of State Security’s Twitter Account Hacked

Last Saturday, the official Twitter account of South African Ministry of State Security @StateSecurityRS was hacked and diet loss Tweets were sent to its followers. 

Eduard Kovacs of SoftPedia reports that spammer who hacked the account was using it for Tweeting infamous-diet tweets until the account was regained and password changed. 

South African Ministry of State Security have confirmed that account was hacked but regained quickly and now secured. 

This is not the first time when high profile Twitter account was hacked, lately some noteworthy and top class people, institutions and media giants like the France 24 Arabia and France 24 Observers Twitter AccountsQatar Foundation’s Twitter account, AFP Photo Twitter accountTop Gear’s Presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s Twitter account and last but not the least, Donald Trumps Twitter account was also hacked.

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