South Carolina Employment & Workforce Department Website Hacked
A hacker who goes by the handle of 040, hacked and defaced the official website [] of South Carolina’s Employment & Workforce Department. 

Department of Employment and Workforce-hacked

The Inquisitr reports that website was hacked early Saturday and hacker left a deface page on the main page of the website with a small note.

According to the note:

Owned by 040, This Site Was Hacked, South Carolina! Software: Microsoft-IIS, IP Address: Twitter: 

This is not the first time a South Carolina department website has been hacked. In August, an employee of the Department of Revenue opened an email that led to 3.8 million tax returns being stolen. The Social Security numbers of 1.9 million people, 3.3 million bank accounts, and 699,900 business tax returns had also been compromised. The theft went unreported until October.

The state department is now investigating the defacement of their website and confirms that no personal data was stolen nor the server was breached, it was a simple defacement. 

At the time of publishing this article, the website was restored and working online. 


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