South Korea says their military cyber command was hacked

South Korea says their military cyber command was hacked with a malicious code – Usual culprit: North Korea.

South Korea says its military cyber command center was hacked last month after officials found a malicious code in the system. It is unclear how the code got into the system but its target was a ”vaccine routing server” used by country’s military cyber command.

The vaccine routing server was installed to provide extra security to military computers connected to the Internet. According to Yonhap News country’s national defense committee member Kim Jin-pyo: 

“A malicious code has been identified and it seems to have taken advantage of the vulnerability of the routing server,” he said. “In a cautious measure, the server has been separated from the network.”

Kim also suggested that the chances of stealing or leaking sensitive data are low as the military intranet was not connected to the targeted server.

The usual suspect of this attack is North Korea however the investigators are on a fact-finding mission and will not officially blame anyone until investigations are completed. 

You shouldn’t be surprised if North Korea is found to be the culprit behind this attack. The South has blamed North several times for conducting cyber operations against its servers. Last year, North pointed their fingers on the South for hacking its Neaclure plant and subway system.

Unit 21 is one of the more well known state-sponsored hackers. Unit 121 is an elite group of highly trained hackers, who are solely focused on cyber espionage. This unit is made up of the best and brightest minds, that have been handpicked from a very early to be trained in cyber warfare.

Yonhap News


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