South Korea’s Asiana Airlines Website Hacked with Pro-Serbian Messages

Kuroi’SH, a hacker who previously made news for defacing Google Brazil’s domain is back in the news but this time for hacking and defacing the official website of Asiana Airlines, one of the major airlines in South Korea.

The website hacked on 19th February was left with a deface page along with messages against Albania and for Serbia. The message further mentions the name of Iberia Airlines, a Spanish airline. You might be thinking what Iberia airlines or South Korea have to do with Albania and Serbia crises? To answer that, Kuroi’SH told Hackread that his initial target was Iberia airline, but since it posed a threat to his privacy, he decided to deface Asiana Airlines as his motive was to “spread the word and Asiana is an airline giant.”

According to the deface message, “I am Sorry, Iberia Airlines, but the world needs to understand the crime against humanity, carried out by Albanians p**s touching Serbia – In Pristina, shame now located in Kosovo, there is a monument called NewBorn. A fucking monument with a clear meaning: peace and a new beginning, let’s forget the past – Jesus, forgive my anger and what I’ll say, but if I ever end up in that dirty city, I’ll put a bomb of this so-called monument and destroy it.”

A full preview of the deface page along with its Zone-h mirror as a proof of hack are available here.

When asked how Asiana Airlines website was hacked Kuroi’SH explained that “it was done through DNS hijacking from their hosting provider.” Furthermore, the hacker stated that he has nothing to do with Serbia, but he feels that truth needs to be spoken.

Asiana Airlines has also acknowledged the Domain Name System (DNS) compromised redirecting users to another website. Asiana Airlines Facebook and Twitter pages also posted updates for their customers.

At the time of publishing this article, Asiana Airlines website was restored and reachable for customers. When it comes to Kuroi’SH; he is the same hacker who defaced Google Brazil and Google Vanuatu domain last year.

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