South Shore Medical Center Site Hacked, Patient Payment Info Compromised

The South Shore medical center’s ( in the UK experienced a data breach and is believed to have affected many of center’s patients. This medical center has branches also in Kingston and Norwell and serves a number of patients daily. The news of the breach came up in a local newspaper which was released by the firm related to the medical center and is involved in dealing with the public relation. Though there was the official interview from the medical center’s official because they ignored it.

South Shore Medical Center hacked

This particular hack took place between 18th of October and 15th of November 2012 but came into the light now. A web vendor notified this particular incident to the center’s staff. The hacker told the center’s officials that the breached data consisted of the information starting for January 2007 and November 15, 2012.

According to the medical center staff, the data that got into the hacker’s hand might be bills through, which patients paid, their credit card information, patient’s cell number, security code and all the online chats via email between customer support and the patients. All of it could affect really badly to the patients and to the South Shore Medical center prestige too. The medical center has now informed the law enforcement agencies and the patients affected regarding this incident.

The medical has now opened one-year resolution center for any fraudulent activities with their cards or any other harm they have gotten the information breached.

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