Spanish Stock Exchange Database leaked by Anonymous

As we heard AntiSec returned from the dead with all new members and leader last week, looks like that is correct. As according to a tweet from Anonymous twitter account and a Pastebin post, AntiSec hacked into Spanish Stock Exchange Database and leaked data online on Pastebin.

According to the hackers:

@AnonWorld – @OpSpain – @Sector404ES – @Bola8s – @AntiSec 


El conocimiento es libre.
Somos Anonymous.
Somos Legión.
No perdonamos.
No olvidamos.
¡Esperadnos! #AntiSec

Vulnerable target:
Host IP:
Web Server: Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS)
Powered-by: PHP/5.1.6
DB Server: MySQL >=5
Current DB: capital bols a

The leaked database can be find here that contains, username, encrypted passwords, Table and Column names.


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