As we heard AntiSec returned from the dead with all new members and leader last week, looks like that is correct. As according to a tweet from Anonymous twitter account and a Pastebin post, AntiSec hacked into Spanish Stock Exchange Database and leaked data online on Pastebin.

According to the hackers:

@AnonWorld – @OpSpain – @Sector404ES – @Bola8s – @AntiSec 


El conocimiento es libre.
Somos Anonymous.
Somos Legión.
No perdonamos.
No olvidamos.
¡Esperadnos! #AntiSec

Vulnerable target:
Host IP:
Web Server: Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS)
Powered-by: PHP/5.1.6
DB Server: MySQL >=5
Current DB: capital bols a

The leaked database can be find here that contains, username, encrypted passwords, Table and Column names.


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