Spytector Employee Monitoring Made Easy (Review)

It is somewhat a proven fact that Computer & Internet have brought a new era of productivity into the human life in a number of aspects. That being said, the same computers and internet connectivity options seem to become one of the notable reasons for distraction – especially when it comes to companies that provide computers to employees for accomplishing tech-assisted tasks. Obviously, as it does not make sense to be in front of every PC and check whether an employee is misusing his or her computer or internet connection, we are here with an impressive solution for you — Spytector keylogger. In this post, we shall have an in-detail review of Spytector, having a look at various aspects of the tool.

Spytector — An Introduction

In simpler words, Spytector is a keylogger software that can be used to track keystrokes on the targeted Windows PC (once you have done some tasks that are required). After installation of this keylogger on the targeted PC, for instance, your employees’ PC, you can find all keystrokes entered on the PC keyboard, along with some other useful details. As the tool offers categorized details about keystrokes, you can have a clear idea of what is done using the PC. Now, we’ll have a look on other features of Spytector that you would know how and when to use the tool.



As of now, Spytector keylogger is available only for Windows PCs, including Windows 2k, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. On the other hand, keylogging can be done in Windows 2003 as well. In addition, Spytector supports 32 & 64-bit architecture. In short, we can say that Spytector can be used in almost any Windows system to track any type of computer or laptop. You can know more about the availability of the tool as well as options to purchase Spytector by checking out the official website — http://www.spytector.com.

Installation & Initialization

The task of using Spytector for tracking someone involves two steps — Spytector installation & Server Installation. In the first step, you have to purchase Spytector and download the tool. Once you have installed the software, you can create a server file that consists of commands that enhance the tracking process. For instance, if you want to receive log files using your email ID, you have to provide the ID in the given space. Thus, once the selection process is over, your first task is complete and you can have a server file.


Now, you have to copy this server file and run it on the targeted computer. Once it has been done, you have done it! From the next moment onwards, you can have a clear view of keystrokes and other details from targeted user in one quite impressive manner. So, when compared to other keylogger software, Spytector is something great.

Things That Can Be Tracked

To your respite, Spytector is a purely undetectable key logging software – as most of popular antivirus software have not been able to recognize. Therefore, you do not have to be afraid even if you think an employee is using antivirus software in his or her PC — Spytector will not be caught!

Coming back to things that can be tracked using Spytector, there is more than typical keystrokes. In order to give you a look into chat history of that person, Spytector steals chat history from Instant Messaging solutions like Yahoo, ICQ, AIM & MSN Messenger etc, along with clipboard monitoring and application keystroke data.


Also, yet another superb feature of Spytector is that it can grab locally-stored passwords from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer! So, if an employee is using locally-stored passwords to access certain sites, you can know that as well. Doesn’t it sound bit impressive?

Other Features That Impressed Us
  • Ability to receive keystroke logs through either email or FTP
  • Smart key logging & URL history
  • Remote control of key logging server (such as uninstall of server)
  • In-built log viewer to have detailed information about keystrokes and logs

In consideration of all these sections of Spytector, it is indeed a productive tool as far as employers are concerned! In spite of the fact that we have mentioned the case of employers in this article, Spytector can be used in several other situations such as to monitor your children. Altogether, Spytector is a great tool that makes sense when you want to get back what you pay.

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