Sri Lanka Red Cross site hacked by Turkish hacker SLYHACKER

A Turkish hacker known as  SLYHACKER has hacked official website of Red Cross Sri Lanka, leaving a deface page on the website.

Targeted website:

Deface Message on the hacked website:

Hacked by SLYHACKER 

Redcross Hacked! 
“Turkey applied through the silent hostility kalmayacagım.Her difference in my voice will proclaim a new day. 
child killer, they are very well aware of my hatred of the United States and Israel. France with the Armenian resolution has become the new goal . 
everyone will hear this sound, soon wait … ” 
Down with Israel & U.S. & France!! 

Israel, U.S. and France I appeal to you, 
“Turkey will not stay silent on the Attitudes hostile to apply.Every other day my voice will proclaim systems. 
Child Murderer of my hate, they know very well that the United States and Israel.France has become the new target with the Armenian resolution. 
Anyone hear the sound of that, please wait Coming soon .. ” 
Down with Israel & U.S. & France! / 
All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2006 Turk Hacker’s Muslims can not be imitated

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