Stanford University hacked by Team Nuts

Offical Stanford University subdomain  has been hacked and defaced by “Yash” and “C0de Inject0r” from hacking group ”Team Nuts”. Hackers left their deface page on the hacked domain with a message and a Patriotic Indian Chant/song ”Vande Mataram” as a background music. However no reason was given by the hackers for hacking the Stanford website.

Deface Message:

[#] Hacked by Yash N Code Injector

[#] This is called Hakcing, Royal hacking ;)

[#] “Everyday Someone Get Hacked , Today is your Day”.

[#] We are Team Nuts

[#] Admin : Nice Security

[#] But still failed to keep us out of your box

Targeted Domain: 

Mirror: 11006 

At the time this article was written, the website was still down.



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