Steam and Origin Servers Down? Phantom Squad & PoodleCorp Claim Responsibility

The famous DDoS attackers from Phantom Squad have claimed responsibility for conducting a series of powerful Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) on Steam and online gaming platform Origin servers.

Now, you must be wondering why? Well, that’s simply because Christmas is coming and for some reason unbeknown to anyone other than them, these attackers have developed a habit of targeting online gaming giants leading to completely ruining users’ holidays. 

Currently, we can see Phantom Squad and one of the attackers from PoodleCorp hacking group are targeting Steam and Origin accounts; however, there has been no official confirmation Tweet from any of these platforms although users are have taken to Twitter asking what the heck is going on. Some users even asked the same question to us on our Twitter account @HackRead.

Here are some tweets from attackers and users:

Down Detector, an online service that provides updates about online outages has also confirmed that EA and Steam servers are down and there are hundreds of comments from users cursing at EA especially because it’s Friday night, the best time for gaming

It must be noted that last year, Phantom Squad was also behind cyber attacks on Electronic Arts and Steam servers last year. However, PoodleCorp recently surfaced on the Internet and made a big impact by targeting PlayStation, EA, GTAPokemonGo, Blizzard, and League of Legends (NA) servers.

At the time of publishing this article, both groups were targeting Origin and Steam servers. Stay tuned.

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