8 steps to develop secure and unique app for your business

A smartphone app is one of the critical elements of any business’ marketing strategy. Here are 8 steps to develop a secure and unique app for your business.
8 steps to help you develop secure, unique app for your business

Are you planning to create an app for your business? If yes, you are in the right place! A smartphone app is one of the critical elements of any business’ marketing strategy. It helps various businesses establish better relationships with their users. An app can help you stay in touch with your clients all the time.

Mobile app development takes a little effort and dedication. In this article, we will take you through a few simple steps that you can follow to create an excellent app for your business.

Steps to Creating an Excellent Mobile App

Here are the seven simple steps to help you create a unique app for your business. 

1. Generate an App Idea

You must first come up with an excellent idea before you start creating an app. Make sure you create an engaging and easy-to-use app for the audience. You can easily sketch an app idea without even using any specialized tools.

You can go to your preferred app store and find apps similar to the one you want to create. You can combine their elements to come up with an app idea of your own. Or, you can sketch your own app idea that could produce the greatest results.

You keep your focus on the purpose of creating an app and the requirements that your app is going to fulfill. This way you will be able to make your own app idea and get an opportunity to create a better app.

2. Perform Competitive Market Research

Being an app developer, you must be aware of what is going on in the app development market. Make sure you perform thorough market research and have a better understanding of what the users expect. There could be multiple apps of a similar kind already available on the app stores. These apps can help you meet the users’ requirements as you can go through the user comments, feedback on these apps.

As they say, there are no new app ideas but there is always room for improvement. You can also take this thing positively and understand there is actually a real need for the app type that you are planning to create. All that matters here is how well you meet the requirement.

Go through the app names of various apps on app stores. Study their features, monetization strategies, pricing content, and much more and come up with the unique ones for your app.

3. Write Out the Regular and Core Features for Your App

While shortlisting the features, you can think of how your app would look like and what would be the perfect version of the same. Now when you know what you want from your app, make a note of all the things running up in your mind and put your ideas to life. Make sure your app is simple to use for the audience and still fulfills its purpose.

4. Create Graphic Design for Your App

It’s time for you to start working on your app design. Make sure your app is intuitive and easy-to-use for the audience. Keep in mind how you want your users to use this app and how your app will interact with your users. How many screens will be there in your app? How you will divide the functionality of your app in these different screens?

You need to create a graphic design for your app to make it look good in front of your potential partners and investors. You can also take help from various graphic designing tools available online.

5. Plan an App Marketing Strategy

To make sure your app gets recognized; you must come up with an excellent app marketing plan. Discover your audience and the market where you want to promote your app. Whether you want to go with free or paid marketing. Here is what you can do to promote your app.

  • Create a landing page
  • Create a pre-launch email list
  • Implement app store optimization
  • Consider paid marketing
  • Do a press release

You can go through the app store optimization course on Appy Pie Academy to learn how and when you should implement app store optimization in your app.

6. Build Your App

Now is the time when you should start creating your own app. To make a unique app, you can use any app development platform available online or hire a professional app developer.

The most recommended one is Appy Pie’s AppMakr. You can use this software to create an excellent app in minutes. Not just that, the software helps you promote your app as well. 

Also, you’ll need a hosting platform to host your app and its website. This platform must be reliable as you need to ensure that your app has minimal downtimes and is fast too.

Once your app is ready, you must test it and clear out the bugs and errors that might come up. Make sure you fix your app’s performance before you launch it. If your app doesn’t function well, they might uninstall it immediately.

7. Keep it secure

Your app represents your company and any vulnerability can ruin it altogether. To keep your app secure keep the following things in mind:

  • Your data is encrypted
  • You are using SSL traffic
  • You are not using unauthorized APIs 
  • You have enforced secure communication
  • You have created your own trust manager
  • You have applied signature-based permissions
  • You have added network security configuration
  • Your content providers have no access to your app
  • You are keeping dependencies and services up-to-date
  • Your app is being tested for bugs and vulnerabilities on regular bases 
  • You have not shared the login credentials of your app with a third party.

You can read more about securing your Android app here while iOS app security tips are available here.

8. Publish Your App

You are finally ready to launch your app! Make sure your app qualifies and gets published on your preferred app store. Fill in the important details like the app title, description, keywords, etc. carefully. You also need to create engaging preview videos and attractive screenshots to help the app store support team understand your app better.

As you have already created the app marketing plan, go with the same, and promote your app to a wider audience. You can also go for influencer marketing, paid campaigns, and much more to help make your app reach out to more people. 


That is not all that you need to do to get better results. You need to keep updating your app. Make sure you keep on checking your app’s performance now and then for continual improvement. You might get some good or some bad reviews once users start using your app. Try to take the criticism positively and be thankful to those who tell you how to improve!

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