Stop!t: An App for Kids To Report Cyberbullies With Push of A Button

Internet penetration has eased our lives a lot: everything is just a click away and so are the cybercrimes. None is spared, executives, professionals, government officials, laymen and even kids.

Apparently, the younger generation is more tech savvy and spends more time with gadgets, making them more vulnerable to cybercrimes; cyberbullying being one of them. STOP!T, a New Jersey-based cyber-abuse software and services solutions provider, has designed an app to anonymously report inappropriate social media taunts or disturbing messages. The app is “simple, fast and powerful cyberbullying solution.”


The application aims to stop the problem before it is out of control. The application, available for iOS, Android and Windows devices, was rolled out as a school program last fall.

STOP!T Individual Version on iOS can be downloaded from here

STOP!T for Schools version on iOS can be downloaded from here

STOP!T Individual Version on Android can be downloaded from here

STOP!T Individual Version on Windows can be downloaded from here

Students of the registered schools can download the app and activate it with the intellicodes supplied to them. Once downloaded, any incident can be submitted to the school administrator anonymously. The school manages the reported incidents in DOCUMENTit and helps the student.


The app has already made a difference in the schools where it was introduced.

STOP!T has allowed our district to be proactive in dealing with incidents of harassment and bullying. I have seen an 83% decrease in HIB Reports to my office since we unrolled this program,” said Brian Luciani, Principal, David Brearley Middle and High School.

The app will help catch bullying before a student gets seriously hurt or takes any drastic step.

Students can report something in seconds.…And if these issues are festering inside a child or inside of a school, we can help avert a tragedy,” said Todd Schobel, the founder of STOP!T.

Financially, the app costs between $2 and $3 per student per year to the school districts.

The company plans to introduce an upgrade of the app in spring 2015. The new features will include one-touch reporting, location-aware services for assistance request, two-way anonymous in-app communication, support for video uploads, simplified setup and enhanced user experience.

The app is adapted by universities as well where it will have features similar to blue “panic” phone booths that are being currently used for reporting attacks within college campuses.

It also plans to introduce DOCUMENTit 2.0, an incident management and reporting tool, with features such as new analysis tools, real-time alerts, automated on-boarding for news customers and enhanced reporting.

STOP!T provides solutions to mitigate, deter and control cyber-abuse, harassment and crises not just in schools but in universities, workplaces and beyond.

Schobel was inspired by the video of 15-year old cyber-bully victim Amanda Todd, who later committed suicide.

When I saw the video, that was it….It changed my life,” said Schobel who has school-going children. He felt when kids could participate in those stuffs, they should have the right to report as well as help one another if needed.

The company strives to educate and empower all individuals to raise their voice against harassment and cyber-abuse “in order to create safe, respectful, and compassionate online cultures, which carry over into our everyday lives.

 Featured Image Via: Duke.

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